Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Return of The Jedi

It feels so good to be back. Hello people out there in the internet world. Im fine and you. Xmas has just flew by and i am writing this blog on a self prescribed, no call in day. I thougth today was friday and then i realized it was actually saturday... but i was supposed to be in to work hours ago. SO I have now decided to type up this blog about ionno what... (I'll figure that one while I'm typing) Yup my pop father bought me a surprise appearance laptop. that one was definitely a surprise. Sp now that i have my own laptop I can now say this... fuck my maternal cohabitants slow freezing ass computer. Expect more blogs as long as that dumb ass router can get the signal out of my mothers locked room through two thick ass project walls and to my room.

Now I ponder about what to rant n rave n bitch and poke fun at.................

Okay i know this is alot diferent from what i normally do but what if I share my dreams... I know like what the hell kinda weirdo am I right? I now i was thinking the same thing. No it'll be great just trust me......
....24 hours later....

Ummm I have jus now noticed something. How can I post last nites dream if I cant even remember what the hell I dreamed? Which now means that these shits will be random.

Anyway here is 1 from a few weeks ago. Some a big ass group of these new age rappers are chasing me. Diddy, Soulja Boy, and Pretty boy is what I remember. Now somehow I ended up running in accomplice wit pac and Biggie. And if they killed us three then somehow hip hop is dead. Which makes me think... "Wtf? So acording to my dream hip hop been done." Somehow after gettin chased ridiculously I ended up at my friends Dereks house and this nigga has Pokemon everywhere. I definitly remember oddishes and a pikachu. I never been to his house but his shit looked like Professor Oak lab. Then the Pikachu was about top thundershock these horrible rappin mouthafockas and i woke up. Aint that some crazy shit?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

This Aint Burger King Nigga

Some poeple dont deserve two choices... Two choices is not a fundamental right. That shit is a privilege and if ur too much of an ignorant cool person then you dont get any cookies im sorry. Spinach or beets? There are a bunch of people asses i could stick my clawlike foot in but imma just go with a few (everything in moderation). Just basically a person who have been brought to my attention in the past few days.
Let me first start off by saying that i do not care if i am being mean. Nobody else will say what needs to be said. So I will. Fuck all of that politically correct shit. Politcally Correct can slob on my dick.
Now back to what I was saying...
Death or death? Some people dont deserve any choices. They're just too stoopid.

Now on to the very annoying Dehaven who is Jay-Z past time very best friend. I guess they did things most friends do. Movies, Basketball, Nicks n Dimes.... Of course Jay doesnt hide his "work" in distusting body places places anymore. No asspack ziplocs bags anymore. No Jay doesnt move crack rocks he buys huge ass diamond rocks. Meanwhile Dehaven or D-Black or whatever other creatively uncreative alias he has given himself got locked on drug charges or petty theft or some other petty niggrish charge. now hes all pissed cuz Jay aint give him no money. and the dont speak. jay didnt come to ur family funerals. nigga... its a funeral. did you go? Oh I forgot u were prolly locked up. and really all of this talk about "Jay how come u aint around for my daughter. ur her godfather. Yo Jay where u at? I miss you son. Call me. (whimper n sniffle)". Okay i have not spoken to my rich ass godmother in a decade. And i do not even have a godfather. Life goes on. And as far as money i wouldnt give you any money either. Why should I? All you gonna do is flip it on the block now im locked up for supplyin u wit start up money. Fuck dat thats why i only gotta few black freinds now. Which really means i have a few friends. Goddamn the life of a lonely black miseducated and held back black man.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Dead Man Shift

Never say that I didnt do anything for you people. If you ever get a job DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT accept a 15 hour shift. DO NOT! not even for double or even time and a half. Especially if your on a cold verging on an asmtha attack.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Slutty Mc Slut Sluts And Filthy Ass Mongrels

Havent been at the HL offices in a while. Buts its all good because when i return i bring finished stories. I thought one day that i was jus tired of sitting in the fucking office. Now while i havent been working on my stories everyday i will say that they have been done. Prolly wont be back in a while seeing as how i have a 7 page essay to compose.

About a week ago me, my sister Keisha and our friend Trisha were sitting in a room joking around and whatnot. (This would be one of those aforementioned days where i just sat on my ass and put my stories on hold.) Apperently Keisha has decided that me and Trisha are rude becuase we use the word "bitch". Frequently... and sometimes (most of the time) without just cause. She says that that word is highly disrespectfull even if we were not directing it towards her. It is plain vile towards females across the face of the planet. I say BULLSHIT. First off let us define this disgustingly sleazy word.
Bitch- is a term for the female of the canine species in general. However it is also freqeuntly used as an offensive term for a woman, taken to mean that she is malicious, spiteful, domineering, sneaky, intrusive, and unpleasant. When used to describe a male it confers to the meaning "subordinate".
Now for what we are discussing we are using the second meaning. The one about women and how some are malicious, spitefull and just plain dickheads. And for you dick in the booty ass niggas the last definiton was made especially for you.
While I was at Crackmark I had this arguement with a customer and I told her that although her duaghter was prolly a nice girl with decent values she could very well be a bitch. Of course she didnt take that one well. Oh well. It aint my daughter. Fuck it.
No really I mean it nice women can be bitches. If you got into an arguement wityo boyfriend dont say that stupid shit about "no forget. Its okay. Its alright." Which is yo dumbass ending the discussion even though the disagreement hasnt been worked out. What the fuck ur doin is on some sideways shit becuase even tho you said its over you will bring that shit up weeks even months later. Fuckers. Why should I not call you a bitch? Are you not being unpleasant and spitefull?
Or how about the countless hoodrats who will lie about the paternity of their newborns? The ones that are Maury. "Maury I am 10,000% sure he is the father of my baby. He is the only man I have ever slept with" Then of course he isnt the father and this stupid ho wont even say sorry. Dont lie we both know Godzilla, The Knicks, Redman or Darth Vader could have all been the fathers.

And for the arguement about the rappers. Yes rappers do overuse that word but... the reason
they use the word so much os the suddenness and magnitude of the switch. Aint no chicks payin my retarded ass no attention. But i bechtu if I had a little ringtone dancesong on BET I'd be shakin em of my dick. Now I would stil be the same person. The only thing that has changed is my finances and notoriety. Now if you were interested in me for money you will suck big rubber dicks in hell. But most women who are bitches are not smart enough to be that trecherous. You fuck wit a dude not for money but just for a story. So nwhen you go back to ur neighborhood you can tell your girlfreinds "girrrlll I just fucked Flavuh Flave." Lmao. That shit is funny. At least shoot for John Kerry or KRS-1.
And last but definitely not least is your stuck up bitch. Conceited types. "Stir my coffee 3 times to the left and make sure you use raw sugar not domino it has to be Loirrivitalaen. And no you cannot date me unless you only have a Bougatti or higher. No your benz is not enough. And make sure there is caviar on my chitlins and chicken wings.

Sorry for the beyonce pic. I Jus needed an excuse to put her sexy ass up here.
Come on even if you are not permanently a bitch I am sure that you switch into your bitch mode at the very least at least once a week. And how come I cant call u a bitch but its all good if you call me a nigga? Even if us guys dont call you a bitch you will tell us to pick a less offensive term. Okay. Fine. Slutty Mc Slut Sluts Or Mongrels? Pick one.

Friday, November 2, 2007

My Check Shits On Yours

The Citys been going all right. We dont actually have a grand opening until the 15th but we are preparing for the visit of the CEO in two days so the store has to whipped up into shape. Countles boxes being lifted, pulled, opened, stacked and sorted. I betchu if i was still at Crackmark i woulda been dumb tired but an increase in wage does the job of a Bayer aspirin. I have finally figured out who the fuck in the store i dont like. Muthafuckas wanna hold on to they lil tasks and shit. Im askin can i help and they on some nah i got this shit go somewhere else. Meanwhile i look like a slacker cuz nobody wants to let me help them. Thats why i make more than them anyway. Bum ass muthafuckas.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Incarceration Of Voltron

Things are going okay at the city. I gotta start doing my essay for school. 7 pages seems like alot when you havent been doing your essays for the last 4 years.

Sometimes I sit and wonder how you cold escape the grime that was ur hood life and manage to fuck it up over some nonsense. Let me remind you that Johnny Cochran is deceased and Sharpton is too busy with the Jena fiasco to help you. And Oprahs omnipotent ass could give a shit about some dumb ass rapper in the hole. But I dont even blame it on TI. I blame it on you. All of you dumb ass rap fans (myself included of course) who won't support an artist if he doesnt appear gangsta. And in the hip hop realm of the world you cant just seem gangsta or say u are. You must have some sort of incident to authorize your street credibilty. You know a fight in the club, nine bullets, burned dogs under the lawn. So in his efforts to justify his thug T.I. decided to purchase extra firearms to add to his arsenal of formidable weaponry. This ignorant cool person think he Voltron or some shit. Fool, You cant hardly aim. The fuck you need wit machine guns wit scopes and flashlights? Then again if you are gonna prove your thug to us I suppose I could understand ur all the way in approach. But then your fuckin informing connect dimed you out.(Hell is a cold place) Now ur caught looking at ten years. And us fans who led you into this shit are talking about "Why would he do that? He's stupid. He done went and made all that money to go to jail over some dumb shit." Now word on XXL is that they let Tip or T.I. or whatever he's calling himself this week out of the box on a 3 million dollar bond. Don you know how many Twinkies that is? AND he has to pay for a private 24 hour home monitoring service so that he cannot violate his house arrest. Now I say this. For a few more hundred thousands of dollars those guards could let you slide out of the house for a few hours. Now leave your suburban home and head for one of those grimy zones in the ATL that got you in this fucked up situation. Of course by the tinme you get 3 blocks down you now have a mob of adoring fans. Bullets move fast ya know. Prolly fast enuff to take out an entire starstruck mob. Kill them. Kill them all. They wanna see if you really bust guns show them. Seeing as how this is your thid strike and the hip hop cops got yo balls in a vice grip you might as well violate once more. I mean what's a few more months on top of a decade? Well at least when he gets sentenced we wont have to here any more of his ignorant nigger shit we like to call music.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nigger: Never Ignorant About Gettin Goals Accomplished

Finally Circuit City called me on thrusday and announced my hire. I was supposed to start work at 5:30 but I walzted in around 8:30, picked up my check and quit. Just that simple. I quit no yelling no spazzin out. They were hella tight tho. All this nonsense about we coulda worked it out. No we could not have because when i asked for a day off you threatened to fire me.
Now all is now well becuase I work for The City a whole new type of store envisioned by circuit city. Flagship. They got me doin interveiws for hopefull employees. I now decide if someone else gets the job. Oh how the tables have turned. Besides i was too good for Pathmark anyway. Look at my resume: Taxes, Mortgages, Real Estate, Journalism. I mean that shit is now beneath me. Its so crazy I am 18 interveiwing people ten years older than me. I know that has to hurt when they dont get the job. I havent hired anybody yet. You gotta be hella good to even get past me. I mean undenaiably talented. Fuck Pathmark ahahahahahah.

Meanwhile in this disgustingly putrid man we live in some old white ghuy in a siut with coke in his nostrils has decided that a black man cannot name his albulm Nigger as a political statement. Nas wants to name his next albulm Nigger. I always knew that someone would want to do this one dya and i figure if someone wants to do I wanted it to mean something positive. Not just Shock value. nas is exactly the person to do this. Not 50 Cent and definitley not any of these new ringtone rappers. The hypocrisy of it all is what really gets me. Now let us al be aware that there are a select few people who control the media. They all break down into other companys but their is always that one guy at the top who lives in the islands with a wife young enuff to b his daughter. Hell even ABC is a small part of a media empire. Apperently think it is cool for them to use the word as a motherfucking joke but i cant use it as a statement. goodfellas used it. Why the fuck cant i use it? Maybe this was nas's intended statement. Maybe we are all supposed to ask what the difference is between using th eword in a song and naming a project after it? Maybe it is just a little too blatant we can duck and hide from the word in a song but this... this will make headlines and contreversy oh the contreversy we wouldnt want a NIggergate would we? No. Be honest the head honchos that own the media couldnt give a fuk if anything they would love to release it but the FCC is a bitch. The Fines oh imagine the Fines.
I think i will use this as a segway to my stance on the word nigger. Nigga or Nigguh or Nigger it is all the same. Should black people be using it. No. Considering the hate behind that word. Should white people be using that word. Fuck No. Cuz if i catch you i will bustyo ass. I mean even i didnt want to I have to my manhood wont allow me not to. Allow me to tell a story. One year in Freshman year at Brooklyn Tech me and all my friends were chillin in the Library. And my white freind Alex goes " You Niggas are stupid." Instantaneous slap. If i ever see Micheal Richards Life Insurances will be used. And i love Kramer but i just have to. Now anybody who's white and reading this shit thinking but you guys call urselfs niggers why cant i use it? Well besides the impending asskicking it's just not in good taste. Do u recognize you are fighting for the right to use the word nigger? I thought we came so far this is barbaric. Why would you even want to use that word? Besides you were calling me NIgger for 300 plus years. Its a bit of a bad habit by now. Assholes. Now that does not let us ignorant cool people off the hook either. Free your mind from fucking rap music and realize what that word means. Now I know it is hard to quit that word its only match is Fuck. In the sense of its versatility you can pronounce the er for insults or you can express freindship with it. I myself have been trying to quit that damn word for a year now. Its hard. And i read and went to a good school but its just fuckin hard. Just know this everything progresses in generations. The further we get away from shackle times the better things will get.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finally i had amoment to return. Since i last posted all of my best efforts to get fired or just plain quit pathmark have been thwarted. But things are looking up seeing as how circuit cuty called me today to set up an oriention. 2 50 more an hour? im out son. Fuk mininum wage dopehead central ass supermarkets in the trenches of the roach infested slums. I am so sik and tired of bein tired and on my way to sick for a few measly dollars. I have no recollection of where my first check went at all.

I finally got around to listening to a bunch of music that I had. Including Graduation and Eardrum. And I must say that Graduation was a good albulm even considering how i shitted on Kanye in the last two posts. I must give props where it is due. Curtis on the other hand is a lackluster collection of snout mucus 50 managed to compile in his spare time. WTF was he thinking when he wrote Amusement park? That shit is dispicable. Also young buck does not belong on ANY song with nicole scheringer. Now Talib Kwelis Eardrum and Commons Finding Forevers were brilliant. No gun banging nonsense. Just straight raw lyrisicsm. I know. I spelled it wrong. So what? I know in my earlier blogs at ive been complining that nothing worthwhile has come out on the hip hop side of the galaxy. But i guess i was wrong. I must say though that in my departure from hip hop Classical music has been holding me down. I like all of the strings and dark tones. Violins. Now if only we could keep Madonna from releasing anything new.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Get Off Of My Line

Im still drowning in the ignorant monotony that is working at pathmark. Retarded crackheaded igmoramuses tryna con me. This repeat offender keeeps coming back asking me for money becaise he drunk the grape juice before he paid for ir and it tased sour. I cannot just enter 89cents a pound for your fuckin carrots. I cannot see how much you have left on your EBT card. I only have singles dont ask me for a fuckin 5. taje your bags off the carosel and get the fuk off my line. No you cannot skip my line and imma beatchyo ass if you ask for a price check for 19 cents. I cannot wait till I get the fuck outta here. And to the management at pathmark if my schedule says i get off at 11 my last customer is at 10:59. I refuse to call yo ass to ask for permission to sign out and go home. Im signin out no i do not wanna say goodnite. Gimme my mutgherfuckin check so i can leave.

Too tired for the usual rant. pathmark is draining me. Ive barely been showing up to HarlemLIVE. somethings gotta give.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I dont know if I ever told you people but I'm atheist borderline agnostic. So when I found out that there was a guy suing God I was extremely happy. The guys name is Ernie Chambers and he is a senator from Nebraska. He doesnt mean any harm though. He brought this suit to show that any body could have any stupid lawsuit they want. So he decided to pull the ultimate frivolous lawsuit to make a point.

Chambers is suing God for causing fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, pestilential plagues, ferocious famines, devastating droughts, genocidal wars, birth defects and the like. The suit also says God has caused calamitous catastrophes resulting in the wide-spread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth’s inhabitants including innocent babes, infants, children, the aged and infirm without mercy or distinction. Chambers also says God has manifested neither compassion nor remorse, proclaiming that defendant will laugh when calamity comes.

Now this is where I get sick. I know the guy propsoing this suit is joking but I'm not. I'm dead ass hoping that he wins. If you think about it God is sort of an asshole. WWII, Genocide, Slavery, Tony Yayo, Gigli, Killa Season, Ect... I mean I guess everybody has to die at some point but really isn't Alzeheimers a bit excessive? Whatever happened to just deing in your sleep? or from a Twinkie overdose? I know by now I've upset somebody but I dont give a fuk. Also if you stop and think God contradicts himself. He has a big dark pit of fire, pain, brimstone, eternal suffering and misery but... He still loves you? I say something smells hella fishy in this bitch. I dont care what anybody says but anybody who loves us would have long ago saved us from Will & Grace.

And for those of you ignorant cool pople who haven't thought of it Jesus could have been an Arab. Skin of Bronze hair of wool? Does that not also match an arab? Plus the fact look at the cities where the bible takes place. All in the Arab countries. Jerusalem is in Arab land not Africa. And i know ur probly thinking but Moses was Egyptian which makes him black no... it doesnt. Ok phsically Egypt is in africa but the majority of the people who live there are brown not black.

Awww look at ur face. hahahahahahahaha. Lighten up get a sense of humor.

God has one. Look around you all you see is a nation a fat dumb ugly muthafuckas. The way i see the world is a sick place. And God doesnt seem to care much. God is one of two things:

  1. Incredibly incompetent to understand the magnitude of what is happening around him.
  2. He's not incompetent he just doesnt give a fuck.
Im not sure about you people but neither choice sounds too apealing. If that doesnt sway you consider this. Christianity is the same religion used to entrap black people in to slavery. The whole idea of work hard while ur alive and god will reward yu when ur die. What the uk kinda shit is that? I gotta die to be happy? "Ok yess suh massuh imma jus keep on pikn diss here crop until my glorious god comes and gets me" Have you considered that Christainty is not our religion at all? If we were where we should be we would be praying to The Sun and The Wind. At least I can see the Sun I can feel the wind. When the fuck is God ever gonna show hisself? If none of this has swayed you people or atleast made you think about the holes in religion I move on. I'll do a part 2 later.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sick Of Gettin Fired

Im so fuckin busy. Gotta job at pathmark. But im tryna bust the fuk outa there for circuit city. nigga im 18 now aint the time to be broke and shit. I got hired for that casheir position which might be in jepordy cuz they said i couldnt get on the registers yet and if i was runnin a bizness I wuldnt wanna be payin sum1 who hasnt been doin their assigned job. But i been havin interviews and shit. Sleep is precious. Im sleepy now just typin this shit. No idea wtf the rant wil be about. I be fallin asleep on the bus to work. 4:30. Now that i think about it. Isnt a cashier a traditionally female positon like a nurse or something? So fuckin busy I aint been back to HL. Damn. My bad son i gotta sleep. Ill be there friday though with my guidance counselor Carlos. Thats gonna be an easy day... other than that pathmark thing. I anit never seen so many pregnant biches in my life. Like goddamn bitches just held they shit open all summer until something took hold. I seen a chick who couldna been no more than 23 wit a newborn in the stroller an the chick is pregnant agian. Now how she gon keep up that weave when her kids need Huggies? (gives in and goes to sleep...)

. . . . . (yawn) A new day and Im fuckin sleepy again. Im bout ta start snortin coke just to stay awake. Nah I'd get addicted to easy. So its like 7:30 this mornin and im sleepin cuz im too lazy to get up even tho my alarm clock rang like four times and its Vicky Wallace from City-As School. (Vicky is a guidance counselor who set me up as an assistant at an art gallery) And what else is she telling me other than I have been quote unquote "dropped" from my resource. How the fuk am i gonna get fired from a non paying job? Damn I know I can be an ass but I'm not that bad. Vicky asks do I have any idea why and I say yeah I knocked over a can of paint onto this carpet runner thingy he had on the floor. I was painting the wall and the paint pole hit the can. So now white gloss is seeping between the cracks and he said he wasnt upset but I could tell. Shit if somebody came in my room and knocked over sum paint I'd knock they chin off they fucking face. So Vicky being the anal asswipe she is says " There's more... Weren't you late by 3 hours?" No jackass I was late by 1 I called in advance and his ass wasn't even there. I had to wait for a fucking hour and a half wit some creepy ass miskitoes. And all the work I did in that muhafuckin gallery nigga should be lickin my toes or sumthin. I used to feel bad for the way the Native Americans had thier land stolen but if they gonna fire me over some fuckin paint I don't give a shit I hope they take every reservation casino you mothafuckas got. I shoulda knew something was up when he would have phone converstaions wit his cat. This is the second job I got fired from. Both of them were non paying. Which makes me a volunteer. YOU CANNOT FIRE A FUCKING VOLUNTEER. Oh well.. I don't usually do this but i couldnt hold it and i took a monster diareah in this dudes bathroom b4 i left. A little going away present. Straigth from the heart. Too bad I flushed...

Oh yeah I finally got on the register at Pathmark. quite frankly i suck and im mad akward at it. i swipe the items mad slowly. Hopefully circuit city will call me back telling me im hired. On the upside Im suposed to go to HL 2morrow so its lookin like a sunshiny day. (Corny. I know)

In my last rant i mentioned some albulms I'd like to see released. The Detox and King Mathers. Dre you old slow ass muthafucka im scared imma get sniped out or some shit before i get to hear it. Any day before death is good. And Em you justa confused ass white boy. I would appreciate it if you released King Mathers so I could sleep at night. And you fucking Fugees. Goddamnit black people can't do shit woitout somebody fuckin it up. Talkin about u want Pras and Wyclef to call you Ms. Hill. Well I want people to address me as Your Royal Holiness but i dont see that shit happenin anytime soon. Get in the goddamn booth before I rip outcho fuckin dreads. Dead ass you really should be takin that medication. Obie you aint never comin out again. Oh well it was good while it lasted and cashis aint comin out either. You cant gangbang forever nigga record the fucking albulm. Stat Quo you punk ass bitch. You at shady and you let 50 go in front of you twice. You was supposed to come out since 03. WTF have you been up to? The strip club aint that much fun. And how the fuk u gon be in the strip club for 4 years when you dead ass broke? And last but not least Lupe Fiasco. Lupe Bitch Ass Fiasco. Talkin about he aint relaesin no more albulms cuz the record industry too shady and trecherous. So what? If mos def and Talib kweli can keep pushin on so can you. It is tru. Record label execs hold the skeleton keys to the deepest darkest pits of the underworld but you cant give up so easy. U abanondoned rappers need a union or something. I now announce Tired Of Ramen Noodles Union Organization. For a nominal fee of a Twinkie a day I will get ur albulm out. Notice I said Out and not Heard. That shit is on you. Wtf I look like? I aint Interscope.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


And so the showdown begun. 1 steroid induced ego against 1 crybaby ego. I don't know about you people but I wanted Curtis to win. Just to make the last post that much funnier.

1 Week Later.

Damn. Fif lost. Aint that sum shit. How the fuk a gorilla general get laid out by sum punk ass dropout teddy bear. Now I aint gon go as far as 50 did and say that Def Jam fudged the numbers but sumthin went wrong. That luck machine dun cashed out for 50. When he came out wit Get Rich alot of the material on that albulm was old shit wit Dre beats added on. Anything is hot wit a Dre beat. Fuk "the neptunes". I want that Detox. Back to what i was sayin. Wanksta was hot but that was due to Em. And I wish he would stop bullshitting and release King Mathers already so I could get on with my pathetic little life. Anyway... That song debuted on Ems 8 mile soundtrack as a throwaway single. Just a goofy soundin ass song for people to get familiar wit 50s name. But you ignorant cool people (myself included) ate that shit up. If you neva heard the original "In Da Club" without the Dre beat... DONT. It slobs on E.T.s balls. Somehow he managed to sell 10 mill of that albulm. Basically no black people bought the albulm. Except for me. And I didn't buy that shit either. My pops bought it and and found out that there were curses so he let me have it. Okay my pops is a clean cut, never been arrested, never cut school, never had a drink not even at his own wedding, paralegal 41 yr old, conservative germophobe who is out of touch with the hood. Think Uncle Phil off The Fresh Prince Of Bel Aire. These are the type of people who are actually buying 50s albulms. My Pops and all the little Italian kids who wanna be gangsta. Ya know like the Gotti kids who wanna be bosses like thier grandfather was but are scared ever since he got his ass stomped tha fuk out for callin the wrong nigger in the pen a nigger.
Fif slipped by on The Massacre wit that recycled ass Magic Stick. Candy shop was hella corny. That sounded like sumthin Fab shoulda been doin. But all of 50s cockridin Italian teeeny bopper fans bought that shit. I know cuz i went to Brooklyn Tech and i witnessed this shit. Notice that when if you went to see Get Rich in the movies (I feel your pain If you did) you saw a good amount of cracka ass crackas up in that bitch. 50 Cent is the white mans gangsta. A modern day adaptation of the minstrel show. Go get a gun a bullet proof vest now stand in between dem dere bitches and turn on the smoke machines. But its all cool cuz i liked him up until that shit sandwhich of the Massacre.
Fuckin Curtis has to suk cuz he put he put out two singles, accused Interscope of leaking two. But nobody really gave a fuck about his albulm. Dats why he pushed that shit back cuz nobody was hype about that shit. This time around all of 50s Italian Wanksta fans graduated high school and now he's suddenly not a gansta anymore he's just a Nigger. Fuk it I'd be a nigger too if I could have a fraction of what that hulked up Ferret lookin muthafucka got. If thats waht it means to be a nigger im down. Who i gotta call? who i gotta see? Get at me im fuckin starvin man.
Although he lost in sales, he still has the most money wit his endorsement deals and shit. none of that shit we (by we I mean us colored folk {yes that includes you Latinos}) buy his shit anyway. None of us wear G-Unit clothing and sneakers. Yet you still see that shit in Macys and Dr. Jays. We don't drink his watered down purple Kool-Aid Vitamin Water either. Do you know this nigga has his own line of vibrators comin out? In blue cuz its his favorite color? Who the hell iz gonna use that shit? Not me and certainly not my fellow coloreds. Its gonna be u pasty college bitches and white boyz cuz it excites you.
Oh well at least Fif got to poke on Ciara for a minute.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Give A Black Man A Chance

Ok I know on my previous post "Madd Typos (baminuilsln) Read between the lines" I mentioned Kanye West in the place of Kaira but this time I really am talking about Kanye West. As you have probably heard the self proclaimed Lois Viotonn "Don" (HAHA) had a little bitch fit over his losses at the MTV awards. Mr. West was nominated for 5 categories Best Male Artist Of The Year, Quadruple Threat Of The Year, Video Of The Year, Best Director and Best Editing. In case you didn't know Kanye once compared himself to Jesus so he figured that since he was Jesus in the flesh he'd be a shoe in for a trophy or two. Well he didn't get shit. In the video he says "Give a black man a chance". Are you serious? The man already has a Grammy. Just fall back you did it baby. Fall back and let Plies or Vanilla Ice get a nomination. I mean damn you greedy son. Give a black man a chance. You already got a Grammy you little ignorant cool person. (read the first blog and you will see what that phrase is in place of. code word for a 6 letter word I won't use). Especially for someone with mediocre mic skills. Who the fuck cries over some teeybopper award when they got a Grammy at home? Fuckin crybaby. And as far as you sayin you won't do aything for MTV anymore I think you're really confused about the reality of your relationship with MTV. MTV can continue without your despensible black ass. You on the other hand need MTV. I guess your counting on BET but really black people don't buy albulms. Especially the young bucks who watch BET. 70% of all rap albulms bought are purchased by white males in their 20s. That would be why you need MTV. Its Timmy not Tyronique who got you those shades. At least look at it this way you can still beat 50 Cent in the albulm fued. He may Spray your Bentley like roaches if you win but you still won right? On the real tho I really do feel sorry for the poor guy. I mean he had his eyebrows waxed, he put on his best Gucci sandals wit the and he even had on his special Versace blouse with the little gold accents on the cuffs. What a waste of an outfit.

Enjoy the vid

Spoof On "Golddigger" By Kanye West - Click here for funny video clips

Friday, August 17, 2007

Deft Fusion Takes The Cake

Okay Team Fusion lost so the fuck what? (I wish u could see the smile on my face) like i said i pretty much stopped carin after a while. (I actually dont think i said that. It's in this blog i never posted. but I guess I'm sayin it now so yea) As long as i got my blog award i was straight but then they came thru wit like sum best video award. my head cocked back on shotgun status. Dat shit definitely cuaght me by surprise and i try to think of possibilties ahead of time so dat nuthin surprises me and i can maintain the nonchalant cool. (Im feelin myself right now) I'm happy (yes i can be happy at times) about the blog shit tho which is kinda stupid. Its like the lesser of the two awards but thats the 1 i can be like yo i got an award for sayin dumb shit. Fuk a bachelors in social science nigga I got a fuk Oprah award! I'm kinda half expectin on monday to walk in the office and hear seli go "oh about that video thing... we made a mistake u actually didnt get that so if we could jus get that stereo back?" lol

Oh yeah mother was definitely proud and what not. she told me that this makes up 4 failing 3 and 1/2 years at brooklyn Tech AND getttin kicked out. GOTTDAMN! I thought they would neva let that 1 go. and 4 those of u who seen her. aint we on sum o.d. twin shit?

Shouts to Ravi who held down the original Fusion wit his awarad..dont remember wat 4. But yeah congrats son.

Also Kaira the smokestack 4 her best presentation award.

So my team or rather the team i was in lost. (why do I find that so funny?) but my TRUE team still held it down.

Props to Chris for winnin dat whole competition mad decisively. I peeped u son had ur team members in a vice grip.

Also Daryal couldn't be there but she got the best journalist award which is crazy cuz thats the heart of what HL is. Also i must say i was jus readin hashas blog like 5 minutes ago and i like her shit its nice to read sum1 else shit and be entertained without worryin if you worded shit correctly and watnot.

Ioono wats happnin wit chris and the editor in cheif position. Dudes gon have a lil rebellion on they hands if he dont get that cuz basically everybody handed that shit to him.

Also I'd like to send an O.D. Brownsville BK shout to Nyiesha for jus bein so cool. Brooklynnn!!!

Also the same to Mel for his illa Harlem swag. I see u son.

Ionno I got this strange vibe from sum1 after the ceremony was over. like i told Kaira. fix yo face bitch. hopefully it wasnt nuthin. maybe something was on ur mind and it'll be passed by monday.

Its 6:12 am and I'm jus now goin to sleep. i also wanna jus say i h8 nasa. I'll explain l8r. Peace.
(Surfs away on a wave of Twinkie Creme)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Just Don't Givafuk

Welcome to the blog. I am lettin u people know early that im gonna say wtf i want when i want seeing as how this is my blog and all. Yes i curse and i will curse profusely on this blog. If you dont like like it go the hgello kitty blog or some shit. As u can see by the title I Just Don't Give A Fuck and I'm really jus postin this so i can have something to show for Rich in the folder. I'll come back with a rant l8r. I got shit to do.

Ok I'm back after only 10 minutes. Now I forgot WTF I wanted to say......... (2minutes l8r) OH Yeah. Basically this is just me telling you that I am going to curse and yell and be a rude assshole prick just because i can and i think it's funny. I will go overboard at times... probably most opf thre time. and just so you know I will not use proper grammar. My verb and subject agreement will be similair to a jerry spinger episode. This shit is a blog if i type "trhe" you know I meant to type "the". Don't harrass and comment about that shit. That means YOU LONG. And i will say fuck alot. I will say fucjk OPrah and and Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton and evry other overhyped celbrity that sux ass. I try not to use that nigger or nigga word but i might us the term "Ignorant Cool Person" in its place. If somebody is REALLY stupid i might call them a nigga tho. with tha E.R. Why cuz im an asshole and i wanna piss you off to my day better. This blog might have dumbass comments from a certain blogger who told me " Good Luck catching Crabs". And I hope he's still usin gold bond on his nutz. (inside joke). I am sick in my head and i will say sick shit if you want to see this go here:

Now that u know what to expect i suggest u avoid this blog at all costs to ur life. If you don't like wtf i have to say you can tie a rope to ur penis and jump from a tree. ( that doesnt let u females off the hook. lets call it my littlt way of calling you a tranvestike without actually spelling it out for u.) Peace. BITCHES!!!