Friday, November 2, 2007

My Check Shits On Yours

The Citys been going all right. We dont actually have a grand opening until the 15th but we are preparing for the visit of the CEO in two days so the store has to whipped up into shape. Countles boxes being lifted, pulled, opened, stacked and sorted. I betchu if i was still at Crackmark i woulda been dumb tired but an increase in wage does the job of a Bayer aspirin. I have finally figured out who the fuck in the store i dont like. Muthafuckas wanna hold on to they lil tasks and shit. Im askin can i help and they on some nah i got this shit go somewhere else. Meanwhile i look like a slacker cuz nobody wants to let me help them. Thats why i make more than them anyway. Bum ass muthafuckas.

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