Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Give A Black Man A Chance

Ok I know on my previous post "Madd Typos (baminuilsln) Read between the lines" I mentioned Kanye West in the place of Kaira but this time I really am talking about Kanye West. As you have probably heard the self proclaimed Lois Viotonn "Don" (HAHA) had a little bitch fit over his losses at the MTV awards. Mr. West was nominated for 5 categories Best Male Artist Of The Year, Quadruple Threat Of The Year, Video Of The Year, Best Director and Best Editing. In case you didn't know Kanye once compared himself to Jesus so he figured that since he was Jesus in the flesh he'd be a shoe in for a trophy or two. Well he didn't get shit. In the video he says "Give a black man a chance". Are you serious? The man already has a Grammy. Just fall back you did it baby. Fall back and let Plies or Vanilla Ice get a nomination. I mean damn you greedy son. Give a black man a chance. You already got a Grammy you little ignorant cool person. (read the first blog and you will see what that phrase is in place of. code word for a 6 letter word I won't use). Especially for someone with mediocre mic skills. Who the fuck cries over some teeybopper award when they got a Grammy at home? Fuckin crybaby. And as far as you sayin you won't do aything for MTV anymore I think you're really confused about the reality of your relationship with MTV. MTV can continue without your despensible black ass. You on the other hand need MTV. I guess your counting on BET but really black people don't buy albulms. Especially the young bucks who watch BET. 70% of all rap albulms bought are purchased by white males in their 20s. That would be why you need MTV. Its Timmy not Tyronique who got you those shades. At least look at it this way you can still beat 50 Cent in the albulm fued. He may Spray your Bentley like roaches if you win but you still won right? On the real tho I really do feel sorry for the poor guy. I mean he had his eyebrows waxed, he put on his best Gucci sandals wit the and he even had on his special Versace blouse with the little gold accents on the cuffs. What a waste of an outfit.

Enjoy the vid

Spoof On "Golddigger" By Kanye West - Click here for funny video clips

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