Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finally i had amoment to return. Since i last posted all of my best efforts to get fired or just plain quit pathmark have been thwarted. But things are looking up seeing as how circuit cuty called me today to set up an oriention. 2 50 more an hour? im out son. Fuk mininum wage dopehead central ass supermarkets in the trenches of the roach infested slums. I am so sik and tired of bein tired and on my way to sick for a few measly dollars. I have no recollection of where my first check went at all.

I finally got around to listening to a bunch of music that I had. Including Graduation and Eardrum. And I must say that Graduation was a good albulm even considering how i shitted on Kanye in the last two posts. I must give props where it is due. Curtis on the other hand is a lackluster collection of snout mucus 50 managed to compile in his spare time. WTF was he thinking when he wrote Amusement park? That shit is dispicable. Also young buck does not belong on ANY song with nicole scheringer. Now Talib Kwelis Eardrum and Commons Finding Forevers were brilliant. No gun banging nonsense. Just straight raw lyrisicsm. I know. I spelled it wrong. So what? I know in my earlier blogs at ive been complining that nothing worthwhile has come out on the hip hop side of the galaxy. But i guess i was wrong. I must say though that in my departure from hip hop Classical music has been holding me down. I like all of the strings and dark tones. Violins. Now if only we could keep Madonna from releasing anything new.

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