Friday, August 17, 2007

Deft Fusion Takes The Cake

Okay Team Fusion lost so the fuck what? (I wish u could see the smile on my face) like i said i pretty much stopped carin after a while. (I actually dont think i said that. It's in this blog i never posted. but I guess I'm sayin it now so yea) As long as i got my blog award i was straight but then they came thru wit like sum best video award. my head cocked back on shotgun status. Dat shit definitely cuaght me by surprise and i try to think of possibilties ahead of time so dat nuthin surprises me and i can maintain the nonchalant cool. (Im feelin myself right now) I'm happy (yes i can be happy at times) about the blog shit tho which is kinda stupid. Its like the lesser of the two awards but thats the 1 i can be like yo i got an award for sayin dumb shit. Fuk a bachelors in social science nigga I got a fuk Oprah award! I'm kinda half expectin on monday to walk in the office and hear seli go "oh about that video thing... we made a mistake u actually didnt get that so if we could jus get that stereo back?" lol

Oh yeah mother was definitely proud and what not. she told me that this makes up 4 failing 3 and 1/2 years at brooklyn Tech AND getttin kicked out. GOTTDAMN! I thought they would neva let that 1 go. and 4 those of u who seen her. aint we on sum o.d. twin shit?

Shouts to Ravi who held down the original Fusion wit his awarad..dont remember wat 4. But yeah congrats son.

Also Kaira the smokestack 4 her best presentation award.

So my team or rather the team i was in lost. (why do I find that so funny?) but my TRUE team still held it down.

Props to Chris for winnin dat whole competition mad decisively. I peeped u son had ur team members in a vice grip.

Also Daryal couldn't be there but she got the best journalist award which is crazy cuz thats the heart of what HL is. Also i must say i was jus readin hashas blog like 5 minutes ago and i like her shit its nice to read sum1 else shit and be entertained without worryin if you worded shit correctly and watnot.

Ioono wats happnin wit chris and the editor in cheif position. Dudes gon have a lil rebellion on they hands if he dont get that cuz basically everybody handed that shit to him.

Also I'd like to send an O.D. Brownsville BK shout to Nyiesha for jus bein so cool. Brooklynnn!!!

Also the same to Mel for his illa Harlem swag. I see u son.

Ionno I got this strange vibe from sum1 after the ceremony was over. like i told Kaira. fix yo face bitch. hopefully it wasnt nuthin. maybe something was on ur mind and it'll be passed by monday.

Its 6:12 am and I'm jus now goin to sleep. i also wanna jus say i h8 nasa. I'll explain l8r. Peace.
(Surfs away on a wave of Twinkie Creme)

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