Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Get Off Of My Line

Im still drowning in the ignorant monotony that is working at pathmark. Retarded crackheaded igmoramuses tryna con me. This repeat offender keeeps coming back asking me for money becaise he drunk the grape juice before he paid for ir and it tased sour. I cannot just enter 89cents a pound for your fuckin carrots. I cannot see how much you have left on your EBT card. I only have singles dont ask me for a fuckin 5. taje your bags off the carosel and get the fuk off my line. No you cannot skip my line and imma beatchyo ass if you ask for a price check for 19 cents. I cannot wait till I get the fuck outta here. And to the management at pathmark if my schedule says i get off at 11 my last customer is at 10:59. I refuse to call yo ass to ask for permission to sign out and go home. Im signin out no i do not wanna say goodnite. Gimme my mutgherfuckin check so i can leave.

Too tired for the usual rant. pathmark is draining me. Ive barely been showing up to HarlemLIVE. somethings gotta give.

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