Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Return of The Jedi

It feels so good to be back. Hello people out there in the internet world. Im fine and you. Xmas has just flew by and i am writing this blog on a self prescribed, no call in day. I thougth today was friday and then i realized it was actually saturday... but i was supposed to be in to work hours ago. SO I have now decided to type up this blog about ionno what... (I'll figure that one while I'm typing) Yup my pop father bought me a surprise appearance laptop. that one was definitely a surprise. Sp now that i have my own laptop I can now say this... fuck my maternal cohabitants slow freezing ass computer. Expect more blogs as long as that dumb ass router can get the signal out of my mothers locked room through two thick ass project walls and to my room.

Now I ponder about what to rant n rave n bitch and poke fun at.................

Okay i know this is alot diferent from what i normally do but what if I share my dreams... I know like what the hell kinda weirdo am I right? I now i was thinking the same thing. No it'll be great just trust me......
....24 hours later....

Ummm I have jus now noticed something. How can I post last nites dream if I cant even remember what the hell I dreamed? Which now means that these shits will be random.

Anyway here is 1 from a few weeks ago. Some a big ass group of these new age rappers are chasing me. Diddy, Soulja Boy, and Pretty boy is what I remember. Now somehow I ended up running in accomplice wit pac and Biggie. And if they killed us three then somehow hip hop is dead. Which makes me think... "Wtf? So acording to my dream hip hop been done." Somehow after gettin chased ridiculously I ended up at my friends Dereks house and this nigga has Pokemon everywhere. I definitly remember oddishes and a pikachu. I never been to his house but his shit looked like Professor Oak lab. Then the Pikachu was about top thundershock these horrible rappin mouthafockas and i woke up. Aint that some crazy shit?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

This Aint Burger King Nigga

Some poeple dont deserve two choices... Two choices is not a fundamental right. That shit is a privilege and if ur too much of an ignorant cool person then you dont get any cookies im sorry. Spinach or beets? There are a bunch of people asses i could stick my clawlike foot in but imma just go with a few (everything in moderation). Just basically a person who have been brought to my attention in the past few days.
Let me first start off by saying that i do not care if i am being mean. Nobody else will say what needs to be said. So I will. Fuck all of that politically correct shit. Politcally Correct can slob on my dick.
Now back to what I was saying...
Death or death? Some people dont deserve any choices. They're just too stoopid.

Now on to the very annoying Dehaven who is Jay-Z past time very best friend. I guess they did things most friends do. Movies, Basketball, Nicks n Dimes.... Of course Jay doesnt hide his "work" in distusting body places places anymore. No asspack ziplocs bags anymore. No Jay doesnt move crack rocks he buys huge ass diamond rocks. Meanwhile Dehaven or D-Black or whatever other creatively uncreative alias he has given himself got locked on drug charges or petty theft or some other petty niggrish charge. now hes all pissed cuz Jay aint give him no money. and the dont speak. jay didnt come to ur family funerals. nigga... its a funeral. did you go? Oh I forgot u were prolly locked up. and really all of this talk about "Jay how come u aint around for my daughter. ur her godfather. Yo Jay where u at? I miss you son. Call me. (whimper n sniffle)". Okay i have not spoken to my rich ass godmother in a decade. And i do not even have a godfather. Life goes on. And as far as money i wouldnt give you any money either. Why should I? All you gonna do is flip it on the block now im locked up for supplyin u wit start up money. Fuck dat thats why i only gotta few black freinds now. Which really means i have a few friends. Goddamn the life of a lonely black miseducated and held back black man.