Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Just Don't Givafuk

Welcome to the blog. I am lettin u people know early that im gonna say wtf i want when i want seeing as how this is my blog and all. Yes i curse and i will curse profusely on this blog. If you dont like like it go the hgello kitty blog or some shit. As u can see by the title I Just Don't Give A Fuck and I'm really jus postin this so i can have something to show for Rich in the folder. I'll come back with a rant l8r. I got shit to do.

Ok I'm back after only 10 minutes. Now I forgot WTF I wanted to say......... (2minutes l8r) OH Yeah. Basically this is just me telling you that I am going to curse and yell and be a rude assshole prick just because i can and i think it's funny. I will go overboard at times... probably most opf thre time. and just so you know I will not use proper grammar. My verb and subject agreement will be similair to a jerry spinger episode. This shit is a blog if i type "trhe" you know I meant to type "the". Don't harrass and comment about that shit. That means YOU LONG. And i will say fuck alot. I will say fucjk OPrah and and Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton and evry other overhyped celbrity that sux ass. I try not to use that nigger or nigga word but i might us the term "Ignorant Cool Person" in its place. If somebody is REALLY stupid i might call them a nigga tho. with tha E.R. Why cuz im an asshole and i wanna piss you off to my day better. This blog might have dumbass comments from a certain blogger who told me " Good Luck catching Crabs". And I hope he's still usin gold bond on his nutz. (inside joke). I am sick in my head and i will say sick shit if you want to see this go here:

Now that u know what to expect i suggest u avoid this blog at all costs to ur life. If you don't like wtf i have to say you can tie a rope to ur penis and jump from a tree. ( that doesnt let u females off the hook. lets call it my littlt way of calling you a tranvestike without actually spelling it out for u.) Peace. BITCHES!!!

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