Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Incarceration Of Voltron

Things are going okay at the city. I gotta start doing my essay for school. 7 pages seems like alot when you havent been doing your essays for the last 4 years.

Sometimes I sit and wonder how you cold escape the grime that was ur hood life and manage to fuck it up over some nonsense. Let me remind you that Johnny Cochran is deceased and Sharpton is too busy with the Jena fiasco to help you. And Oprahs omnipotent ass could give a shit about some dumb ass rapper in the hole. But I dont even blame it on TI. I blame it on you. All of you dumb ass rap fans (myself included of course) who won't support an artist if he doesnt appear gangsta. And in the hip hop realm of the world you cant just seem gangsta or say u are. You must have some sort of incident to authorize your street credibilty. You know a fight in the club, nine bullets, burned dogs under the lawn. So in his efforts to justify his thug T.I. decided to purchase extra firearms to add to his arsenal of formidable weaponry. This ignorant cool person think he Voltron or some shit. Fool, You cant hardly aim. The fuck you need wit machine guns wit scopes and flashlights? Then again if you are gonna prove your thug to us I suppose I could understand ur all the way in approach. But then your fuckin informing connect dimed you out.(Hell is a cold place) Now ur caught looking at ten years. And us fans who led you into this shit are talking about "Why would he do that? He's stupid. He done went and made all that money to go to jail over some dumb shit." Now word on XXL is that they let Tip or T.I. or whatever he's calling himself this week out of the box on a 3 million dollar bond. Don you know how many Twinkies that is? AND he has to pay for a private 24 hour home monitoring service so that he cannot violate his house arrest. Now I say this. For a few more hundred thousands of dollars those guards could let you slide out of the house for a few hours. Now leave your suburban home and head for one of those grimy zones in the ATL that got you in this fucked up situation. Of course by the tinme you get 3 blocks down you now have a mob of adoring fans. Bullets move fast ya know. Prolly fast enuff to take out an entire starstruck mob. Kill them. Kill them all. They wanna see if you really bust guns show them. Seeing as how this is your thid strike and the hip hop cops got yo balls in a vice grip you might as well violate once more. I mean what's a few more months on top of a decade? Well at least when he gets sentenced we wont have to here any more of his ignorant nigger shit we like to call music.

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