Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Dead Man Shift

Never say that I didnt do anything for you people. If you ever get a job DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT accept a 15 hour shift. DO NOT! not even for double or even time and a half. Especially if your on a cold verging on an asmtha attack.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Slutty Mc Slut Sluts And Filthy Ass Mongrels

Havent been at the HL offices in a while. Buts its all good because when i return i bring finished stories. I thought one day that i was jus tired of sitting in the fucking office. Now while i havent been working on my stories everyday i will say that they have been done. Prolly wont be back in a while seeing as how i have a 7 page essay to compose.

About a week ago me, my sister Keisha and our friend Trisha were sitting in a room joking around and whatnot. (This would be one of those aforementioned days where i just sat on my ass and put my stories on hold.) Apperently Keisha has decided that me and Trisha are rude becuase we use the word "bitch". Frequently... and sometimes (most of the time) without just cause. She says that that word is highly disrespectfull even if we were not directing it towards her. It is plain vile towards females across the face of the planet. I say BULLSHIT. First off let us define this disgustingly sleazy word.
Bitch- is a term for the female of the canine species in general. However it is also freqeuntly used as an offensive term for a woman, taken to mean that she is malicious, spiteful, domineering, sneaky, intrusive, and unpleasant. When used to describe a male it confers to the meaning "subordinate".
Now for what we are discussing we are using the second meaning. The one about women and how some are malicious, spitefull and just plain dickheads. And for you dick in the booty ass niggas the last definiton was made especially for you.
While I was at Crackmark I had this arguement with a customer and I told her that although her duaghter was prolly a nice girl with decent values she could very well be a bitch. Of course she didnt take that one well. Oh well. It aint my daughter. Fuck it.
No really I mean it nice women can be bitches. If you got into an arguement wityo boyfriend dont say that stupid shit about "no forget. Its okay. Its alright." Which is yo dumbass ending the discussion even though the disagreement hasnt been worked out. What the fuck ur doin is on some sideways shit becuase even tho you said its over you will bring that shit up weeks even months later. Fuckers. Why should I not call you a bitch? Are you not being unpleasant and spitefull?
Or how about the countless hoodrats who will lie about the paternity of their newborns? The ones that are Maury. "Maury I am 10,000% sure he is the father of my baby. He is the only man I have ever slept with" Then of course he isnt the father and this stupid ho wont even say sorry. Dont lie we both know Godzilla, The Knicks, Redman or Darth Vader could have all been the fathers.

And for the arguement about the rappers. Yes rappers do overuse that word but... the reason
they use the word so much os the suddenness and magnitude of the switch. Aint no chicks payin my retarded ass no attention. But i bechtu if I had a little ringtone dancesong on BET I'd be shakin em of my dick. Now I would stil be the same person. The only thing that has changed is my finances and notoriety. Now if you were interested in me for money you will suck big rubber dicks in hell. But most women who are bitches are not smart enough to be that trecherous. You fuck wit a dude not for money but just for a story. So nwhen you go back to ur neighborhood you can tell your girlfreinds "girrrlll I just fucked Flavuh Flave." Lmao. That shit is funny. At least shoot for John Kerry or KRS-1.
And last but definitely not least is your stuck up bitch. Conceited types. "Stir my coffee 3 times to the left and make sure you use raw sugar not domino it has to be Loirrivitalaen. And no you cannot date me unless you only have a Bougatti or higher. No your benz is not enough. And make sure there is caviar on my chitlins and chicken wings.

Sorry for the beyonce pic. I Jus needed an excuse to put her sexy ass up here.
Come on even if you are not permanently a bitch I am sure that you switch into your bitch mode at the very least at least once a week. And how come I cant call u a bitch but its all good if you call me a nigga? Even if us guys dont call you a bitch you will tell us to pick a less offensive term. Okay. Fine. Slutty Mc Slut Sluts Or Mongrels? Pick one.

Friday, November 2, 2007

My Check Shits On Yours

The Citys been going all right. We dont actually have a grand opening until the 15th but we are preparing for the visit of the CEO in two days so the store has to whipped up into shape. Countles boxes being lifted, pulled, opened, stacked and sorted. I betchu if i was still at Crackmark i woulda been dumb tired but an increase in wage does the job of a Bayer aspirin. I have finally figured out who the fuck in the store i dont like. Muthafuckas wanna hold on to they lil tasks and shit. Im askin can i help and they on some nah i got this shit go somewhere else. Meanwhile i look like a slacker cuz nobody wants to let me help them. Thats why i make more than them anyway. Bum ass muthafuckas.