Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Incarceration Of Voltron

Things are going okay at the city. I gotta start doing my essay for school. 7 pages seems like alot when you havent been doing your essays for the last 4 years.

Sometimes I sit and wonder how you cold escape the grime that was ur hood life and manage to fuck it up over some nonsense. Let me remind you that Johnny Cochran is deceased and Sharpton is too busy with the Jena fiasco to help you. And Oprahs omnipotent ass could give a shit about some dumb ass rapper in the hole. But I dont even blame it on TI. I blame it on you. All of you dumb ass rap fans (myself included of course) who won't support an artist if he doesnt appear gangsta. And in the hip hop realm of the world you cant just seem gangsta or say u are. You must have some sort of incident to authorize your street credibilty. You know a fight in the club, nine bullets, burned dogs under the lawn. So in his efforts to justify his thug T.I. decided to purchase extra firearms to add to his arsenal of formidable weaponry. This ignorant cool person think he Voltron or some shit. Fool, You cant hardly aim. The fuck you need wit machine guns wit scopes and flashlights? Then again if you are gonna prove your thug to us I suppose I could understand ur all the way in approach. But then your fuckin informing connect dimed you out.(Hell is a cold place) Now ur caught looking at ten years. And us fans who led you into this shit are talking about "Why would he do that? He's stupid. He done went and made all that money to go to jail over some dumb shit." Now word on XXL is that they let Tip or T.I. or whatever he's calling himself this week out of the box on a 3 million dollar bond. Don you know how many Twinkies that is? AND he has to pay for a private 24 hour home monitoring service so that he cannot violate his house arrest. Now I say this. For a few more hundred thousands of dollars those guards could let you slide out of the house for a few hours. Now leave your suburban home and head for one of those grimy zones in the ATL that got you in this fucked up situation. Of course by the tinme you get 3 blocks down you now have a mob of adoring fans. Bullets move fast ya know. Prolly fast enuff to take out an entire starstruck mob. Kill them. Kill them all. They wanna see if you really bust guns show them. Seeing as how this is your thid strike and the hip hop cops got yo balls in a vice grip you might as well violate once more. I mean what's a few more months on top of a decade? Well at least when he gets sentenced we wont have to here any more of his ignorant nigger shit we like to call music.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nigger: Never Ignorant About Gettin Goals Accomplished

Finally Circuit City called me on thrusday and announced my hire. I was supposed to start work at 5:30 but I walzted in around 8:30, picked up my check and quit. Just that simple. I quit no yelling no spazzin out. They were hella tight tho. All this nonsense about we coulda worked it out. No we could not have because when i asked for a day off you threatened to fire me.
Now all is now well becuase I work for The City a whole new type of store envisioned by circuit city. Flagship. They got me doin interveiws for hopefull employees. I now decide if someone else gets the job. Oh how the tables have turned. Besides i was too good for Pathmark anyway. Look at my resume: Taxes, Mortgages, Real Estate, Journalism. I mean that shit is now beneath me. Its so crazy I am 18 interveiwing people ten years older than me. I know that has to hurt when they dont get the job. I havent hired anybody yet. You gotta be hella good to even get past me. I mean undenaiably talented. Fuck Pathmark ahahahahahah.

Meanwhile in this disgustingly putrid man we live in some old white ghuy in a siut with coke in his nostrils has decided that a black man cannot name his albulm Nigger as a political statement. Nas wants to name his next albulm Nigger. I always knew that someone would want to do this one dya and i figure if someone wants to do I wanted it to mean something positive. Not just Shock value. nas is exactly the person to do this. Not 50 Cent and definitley not any of these new ringtone rappers. The hypocrisy of it all is what really gets me. Now let us al be aware that there are a select few people who control the media. They all break down into other companys but their is always that one guy at the top who lives in the islands with a wife young enuff to b his daughter. Hell even ABC is a small part of a media empire. Apperently think it is cool for them to use the word as a motherfucking joke but i cant use it as a statement. goodfellas used it. Why the fuck cant i use it? Maybe this was nas's intended statement. Maybe we are all supposed to ask what the difference is between using th eword in a song and naming a project after it? Maybe it is just a little too blatant we can duck and hide from the word in a song but this... this will make headlines and contreversy oh the contreversy we wouldnt want a NIggergate would we? No. Be honest the head honchos that own the media couldnt give a fuk if anything they would love to release it but the FCC is a bitch. The Fines oh imagine the Fines.
I think i will use this as a segway to my stance on the word nigger. Nigga or Nigguh or Nigger it is all the same. Should black people be using it. No. Considering the hate behind that word. Should white people be using that word. Fuck No. Cuz if i catch you i will bustyo ass. I mean even i didnt want to I have to my manhood wont allow me not to. Allow me to tell a story. One year in Freshman year at Brooklyn Tech me and all my friends were chillin in the Library. And my white freind Alex goes " You Niggas are stupid." Instantaneous slap. If i ever see Micheal Richards Life Insurances will be used. And i love Kramer but i just have to. Now anybody who's white and reading this shit thinking but you guys call urselfs niggers why cant i use it? Well besides the impending asskicking it's just not in good taste. Do u recognize you are fighting for the right to use the word nigger? I thought we came so far this is barbaric. Why would you even want to use that word? Besides you were calling me NIgger for 300 plus years. Its a bit of a bad habit by now. Assholes. Now that does not let us ignorant cool people off the hook either. Free your mind from fucking rap music and realize what that word means. Now I know it is hard to quit that word its only match is Fuck. In the sense of its versatility you can pronounce the er for insults or you can express freindship with it. I myself have been trying to quit that damn word for a year now. Its hard. And i read and went to a good school but its just fuckin hard. Just know this everything progresses in generations. The further we get away from shackle times the better things will get.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finally i had amoment to return. Since i last posted all of my best efforts to get fired or just plain quit pathmark have been thwarted. But things are looking up seeing as how circuit cuty called me today to set up an oriention. 2 50 more an hour? im out son. Fuk mininum wage dopehead central ass supermarkets in the trenches of the roach infested slums. I am so sik and tired of bein tired and on my way to sick for a few measly dollars. I have no recollection of where my first check went at all.

I finally got around to listening to a bunch of music that I had. Including Graduation and Eardrum. And I must say that Graduation was a good albulm even considering how i shitted on Kanye in the last two posts. I must give props where it is due. Curtis on the other hand is a lackluster collection of snout mucus 50 managed to compile in his spare time. WTF was he thinking when he wrote Amusement park? That shit is dispicable. Also young buck does not belong on ANY song with nicole scheringer. Now Talib Kwelis Eardrum and Commons Finding Forevers were brilliant. No gun banging nonsense. Just straight raw lyrisicsm. I know. I spelled it wrong. So what? I know in my earlier blogs at deftfusion.blogpot.com ive been complining that nothing worthwhile has come out on the hip hop side of the galaxy. But i guess i was wrong. I must say though that in my departure from hip hop Classical music has been holding me down. I like all of the strings and dark tones. Violins. Now if only we could keep Madonna from releasing anything new.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Get Off Of My Line

Im still drowning in the ignorant monotony that is working at pathmark. Retarded crackheaded igmoramuses tryna con me. This repeat offender keeeps coming back asking me for money becaise he drunk the grape juice before he paid for ir and it tased sour. I cannot just enter 89cents a pound for your fuckin carrots. I cannot see how much you have left on your EBT card. I only have singles dont ask me for a fuckin 5. taje your bags off the carosel and get the fuk off my line. No you cannot skip my line and imma beatchyo ass if you ask for a price check for 19 cents. I cannot wait till I get the fuck outta here. And to the management at pathmark if my schedule says i get off at 11 my last customer is at 10:59. I refuse to call yo ass to ask for permission to sign out and go home. Im signin out no i do not wanna say goodnite. Gimme my mutgherfuckin check so i can leave.

Too tired for the usual rant. pathmark is draining me. Ive barely been showing up to HarlemLIVE. somethings gotta give.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I dont know if I ever told you people but I'm atheist borderline agnostic. So when I found out that there was a guy suing God I was extremely happy. The guys name is Ernie Chambers and he is a senator from Nebraska. He doesnt mean any harm though. He brought this suit to show that any body could have any stupid lawsuit they want. So he decided to pull the ultimate frivolous lawsuit to make a point.

Chambers is suing God for causing fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, pestilential plagues, ferocious famines, devastating droughts, genocidal wars, birth defects and the like. The suit also says God has caused calamitous catastrophes resulting in the wide-spread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth’s inhabitants including innocent babes, infants, children, the aged and infirm without mercy or distinction. Chambers also says God has manifested neither compassion nor remorse, proclaiming that defendant will laugh when calamity comes.

Now this is where I get sick. I know the guy propsoing this suit is joking but I'm not. I'm dead ass hoping that he wins. If you think about it God is sort of an asshole. WWII, Genocide, Slavery, Tony Yayo, Gigli, Killa Season, Ect... I mean I guess everybody has to die at some point but really isn't Alzeheimers a bit excessive? Whatever happened to just deing in your sleep? or from a Twinkie overdose? I know by now I've upset somebody but I dont give a fuk. Also if you stop and think God contradicts himself. He has a big dark pit of fire, pain, brimstone, eternal suffering and misery but... He still loves you? I say something smells hella fishy in this bitch. I dont care what anybody says but anybody who loves us would have long ago saved us from Will & Grace.

And for those of you ignorant cool pople who haven't thought of it Jesus could have been an Arab. Skin of Bronze hair of wool? Does that not also match an arab? Plus the fact look at the cities where the bible takes place. All in the Arab countries. Jerusalem is in Arab land not Africa. And i know ur probly thinking but Moses was Egyptian which makes him black no... it doesnt. Ok phsically Egypt is in africa but the majority of the people who live there are brown not black.

Awww look at ur face. hahahahahahahaha. Lighten up get a sense of humor.

God has one. Look around you all you see is a nation a fat dumb ugly muthafuckas. The way i see the world is a sick place. And God doesnt seem to care much. God is one of two things:

  1. Incredibly incompetent to understand the magnitude of what is happening around him.
  2. He's not incompetent he just doesnt give a fuck.
Im not sure about you people but neither choice sounds too apealing. If that doesnt sway you consider this. Christianity is the same religion used to entrap black people in to slavery. The whole idea of work hard while ur alive and god will reward yu when ur die. What the uk kinda shit is that? I gotta die to be happy? "Ok yess suh massuh imma jus keep on pikn diss here crop until my glorious god comes and gets me" Have you considered that Christainty is not our religion at all? If we were where we should be we would be praying to The Sun and The Wind. At least I can see the Sun I can feel the wind. When the fuck is God ever gonna show hisself? If none of this has swayed you people or atleast made you think about the holes in religion I move on. I'll do a part 2 later.