Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Happiness Pt.1

I am sooo sorry. I know i didn't post anything recently. I mean all that happened was I had a headache for 2 weeks and I stayed home in the dark, in total silence. Then I went to the hospital they gave me some IV and sent my ass home. Then the next day I had to go back and stress the level of my headaches and they gave me a CRI or an MRI or somethin like that. And come to find out I have a 7 centimeter brain tumor in the back of my head.(which is actually pretty goddamn big) And for whatever reason luck actually finds its way into my life and I get transfered to a good nuerological {big words} at Luke Roosevelt (It took me 6 days to get that right and if I didnt get it right fuck it) And my doctor Dr. Sumnthinwatchyacallit told me its like i have like 3 tumors built into 1. Uh Huh... So we head into some room and from there I remember I remember........ nothing. Now im back too sleepy to remember what the hell was the going on. Sleepy, Sleepy, Sleepy. One funny thing though was that my Uncle Reggie said I looked like the Indian kid Hadji off of Johnny Quest with my head bandages.

Now I have been away from this computer for at least the past month and y'know what Im just now recognizing how much the internet the sux. I mean they're are the sites y'know about but the other ones we dont know about. Like whuthafuck man? Imma just throw this 1 out there for you fuckin programmers and shit. How about an actually search engine that actually understands English. And I don't give a fuck about "but it's not invented yet." Fuck yeah it is. Now take yo ass in the lab and go get our zoogle 2.0.

Another thing I recognized is that I hate... no..... I despise with a great passion rap. Now somehow my rap collection has been quite large. But if you look a little more closely my rap collection is actually safe from big media releases. Other than that fuck D4L, Lil Jon, Dem Franchize Boyz, The Diplomats.... fuck..... i could go on forever... fuck P. Diddly. Sorry he had to be included in my fuckery. So now my site will be a Fuk Rap/I Luv Rap.

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