Friday, February 22, 2008

The Happiness Pt. 2

Well it appears that I did have something to keep me from posting a blog. I know I know ur sorry. Listen all I need is some pineapples and im good we can move on. Thanks. Anyway the story of The Happiness continues:

So now I'm awake and my family is there. My mother, my sisters, my brothers, my Pops, my Stepmother, my grandmothers, and my Uncle Reggie, my cousins who oddly enough I have not seen in over a decade, and my dearly beloved Auntie Erika. That makes it 13 people. but then all of a sudden I start recognizing my 3 friends Dame Javien n Derek (ayo Derek we got sumn n comin now LOL), my guidance conselor Carlos, my boss from school, Trisha, and Leanna. Which now brings my total to 20 people. 20 people. 20 FUCKING POEPLE. I mean damn I liked having all of you there but really. Goddamn. It was just so many of you muthafuckas. Shit. And now my nurses are all in a tiffy cuz I cant say what the name of mthe hospital is..... Umm i havent been to a hospital for more than ten years and my normal brain function sux. I jus had brain surgery... gimme a break. I must also say that school food is now THE SHIT. The shit as in I praise the box it comes prepackaged in. Hospital food is digusting low sleazy trashy and just plain horrible tasting. I remember after a few days of being there I decided for them to bring me Farina. After all there is no way you can mess up Farina. These muthafuckas did. Somehow I got a bowl of farina on the bottom of the bowl and water on the top of the bowl. It was too thick to mix and too gelatany to eat straight. Milk must be drunk cold. I know you guys prolly keep it up in the right temps but really everyday I was just chuggin that shit away cuz it wasnt bone chillingly cold. Bran muffins are not muffins they are nasty ass peices of shit you use to throw at dogs. And really the only real part of breakfast is the juice which is served with your crackhead of a meal. MMMmmmm delicous only problem is it is 8 oz. WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH 8 OZ? YOU STUPID ASSHOLES AT THE FDA KEEP CALLING IT "8OZ PER SERVING" HAVE YOU EVER HAD AN 8 OZ SERVING? NO. CUZ YOU TELL THEM TO BRING YOU A FULL 16 OZ SERVING. FUCKING ASSHOLE DICKHEAD MUTHAFUCKAS.

Other than that it was a really good hospital and if you need it I suggest it highly.

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