Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fuck It I'll Do A List Too

Ya know it seems like this year was pretty shitfull (I am not even sure if thats word but yaknow what i mean) on the music side of things. Nobody worth listening came thru and somehow i like Graduation more than Curtis. Which means i could have only liked two songs but anyway here is my list to see if this year was bad for music or good for music. If you do not make this list you suck horrible monkey penis.

The Cool- So I will take this time to say that I am an avid (hope I used that word right) Lupe
listner. Think of Lipe as the rapping version of me. I got all the mixtapes. The 1st ahlf of the albulm was kinda "ehh" at first. I mean if any other rapper did that i woulda been like "OH SHIT!!!" but Lupe was suppose to come stronger than that. But once you get to the albulm picks up on a darker note and it was crazy from that point on.

Eardrum- Listen Talib be gettin his ass kicked in them sales and in his little recording deal wit the labels. But my nigga deserves much praise for this album. I dont listen to it often (Kinda like Reasonable Doubt or Ready To Die) but when i do its straight fire.

American Gangster- I hope you niggas die. You ignant mufackas out there aint got no bizness tellin Hov he cant mature. So now he has to this gun totin shit instead of Kingdom Come. Am I the only 1 to say it... I like Kingdom come. (Except for that horrible song with Usher someboody has to go to hell for that 1). And meanwhile all of you fuckas think hello brooklyn was hott.....? Noooo it sux rats ass. I mean its all good until lil wayne gets his gay ass on the song and starts singin and shit. It was hot but Kingdom Come is betta. U hear that Hov? Ayo fuck these niggas keep evolvin thats why these niggas is 30 movin crack out they momma house. Muthafuckas.
Buck The World- You niggas be frontin like this shit aint hott. Nigga are you crazy? This shit was needed. Way better than that shit sandwhich Curtis. But for real buck keep all them shitty g-unit south artists to urself.

Graduation- Whats the word im looking for magical, wonderfully surprising, or amazingly spectral show of lyrical ability. Whatever you wanna call it this albulm was ridiculous. Except for Barry Bonds. U know what Fuck you Lil Wayne always gotta bring yo' gay man kissin ass up in my eardrum and fuck the somg up. Dickhead.
Blue Cheese & Coney Island- Anothher rapper that fucked hisself up cuzza what these ignant' niggas gotta say. Listen ur Bizzare i dont need to hear you make a record about anything imporatant. Just keep feeding me more i fucked my grandparents and nutted on my neice tracks and itll be all good. Nigga ur name iz Bizzare.... keep bein bizzare.

Best Albulm Of The Year
Autografh- Dead ass I thought this albulm was gonna be trash but it is up there in the big leagues. Fuck it this shit was better than American Gangster. I am not even sure if this shit got released cuz i got it way back in the beginnning of the year. What nigga? I got connections too. Come to think of it there was no song I did not like. Wow.
Curtis- Nigga imma keep it real short witchu. Nigga you made it. You did not die tryin. If you cannot make Get Rich material just stay home and out of any booth. Also: STOP MAKING THOSE G-UNIT SNEAKERS. nOBODY WEARS YO SHIT. AND IF YOU DO JUMP OUT THE MUTHAFUCKIN WINDOW. Punk ass BITCHES.

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