Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Happiness Pt. 3

Well after seeing my sister (she lives in Brooklyn) she informed me that I have been quite a dickhead while I was knocked up on whatever chemicals the doctors used to knock my ass out. Apperently my step sister and brother were there and which now brings my total to 22 people. (I have no recollection of them being there goddamn my brain was so shot) But anyway that is besides the point... Keishas tells me that I told everbody to get the fuck out of the room so that I could sleep..... Now I don't remeber this but the part about my going to sleep seems pretty likely and I'm pretty sure I am that much of a hypothetical asshole. I mean like if I were home and I thought about it I would be like "Yeah that would be funny but that would also be fucked up. I wouldnt do it though." Well goddamn the doctors gave my fucked my brain up so bad or good chemicals (u choose lol) I skipped right past the part were you decide if the action is good or bad. I guess I just did it. And u know what? I feel like shit. I really do feel like horseshit. How the fuck would you feel if you came all the way from Newark,NJ to Manhattan,NY just to be told to get the fuck out so that I could sleep? I mean I'm sure i was sleepy but damn that shit was just grimy. But then again my Dr. Whateveryouma'callim. Told us that I would be somewhat different after the surgery. Yah whatever all i feel is a lil bit more human which I guess what I like now but really I doubt that the older me would have thought different. Mother says that I answer all of her questions with 1 word answers and I call her "Mother" and I can eat my way through half ya fridge. So to her im still the person but my freinds could tell the difference. Well at least I decided to slow down wit the cursin instead of steppin it up wit the cursin. Goddamn how the fuck could I have stepped it up? "Fuck I'm muthafuckn Kevin my nigga. I come straight from muthafuckin goddamit Brownsville bitch." Actually that actually soounds like me a few weeks ago. Thank god for brain tumors cuz that shit iz jus ridiculous. Later on after a bunch of frequent pisses one of the nurses comes into my room and tells me that I have 1 of 2 choices.

  1. I could have a cane and look like an old ass muthafucka.
  2. Or... I could have taken... the fuckin walker.... like im sick but i aint that sick gimme the fuckin cane.

So now I have the cane for about 1 or 2 days I forget. The bed rolls up and backward. Like sitting up for during the day and then leaning back for a nap. So I notice when I was leaning back that I hear a cracklin sound. I looked around the room and I never found it. I thought it may be one of the annoyin ass nurses buggin me about some pill I had to take 3 in the fuckin morning. But it wasn't. Becuase the next morning I noticed that myh cane was mishapen. Mishapen as in I broke that shit the fuck up. I guess that shit was on my bed and i bent back too far wit the cane on it. Oops my bad.

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