Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Public Service Denouncement Pt.1

Yes that video was hot. But at the same time it is also very distustingly sleazy. Becaus ethe chick in the video has decided to sue Szul Jewelry because she doesnt think she should be in the commercial. Her lawyer says that the commercail has "bump-and-grind" music and has "a decidedly pornographic look, feel and sound. This was a bait and switch." BITCH what the fuck kinda coke are you sniffing? Cuz I need some of dat shit. Firts off BITCH you faked your little orgasm so you obviously knew what the fuck the commercail would be like. As far as we know you were paid. Please shiut the fuck up. I know where you got this little idea from. The idea that you could get paid for your sexual work and then later complain and bitch about it.

It was you Superhead. You dirty ass, distustingly sleazy peice of shit. Notice to all young women everywhere:

You cannot suck a guys dick get paid and then say that they were using you. Especially if you wanted to give him head just to be a fucking showoff. Also that means that you cannot fuck two beefing rappers and a basketball star and then write a book about it.

That would mean you Carmen Bryan. We all know you fucked Jay-Z, Nas and Iverson. That doesnt make you special it makes you a fucking whore.
I just needed to clear the air cuz these bitches are outta they muthafuckin minds.

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